Another Body Painting Shoot

I recently was able to schedule another body painting shoot with Gen Keller. I was really excited for this shoot because we were going to be doing it in my studio which is a lot bigger than the last space we used and that gives me more lighting options. In order to create beautiful light, you really need BIG spaces! The painting took a little over 6 hours to complete and the model (Zoe) was great (she had to stand nearly the entire time)! I think the finished shots are amazing! I am very happy with them.

In other news I am considering dropping some serious $$$ on some new equipment. In addition to some stuff that I’m not ready to disclose (it’s very top secret) I think the Canon 50 1.2L lens will be mine in a week or so! This is, according to certain accounts, one of the best lenses that Canon makes. The plight of photographers today is that new and exciting technology is always being developed and it costs lots of money! I will mostly use this lens for weddings as it works super well in low light situations. No need for flash!

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  • EmmerzThese are fabulous Pete! I love them!

  • Gen KellerThank you Peter. It was a pleasure working with you and Zoe.

  • BiancaThese are great! I love how she glows!


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