Dutchess Manor Wedding

Kelly & Eli’s wedding took place on one of the most beautiful days of 2015 thus far. I met up with Kelly and her bridesmaids as they were getting ready at her parent’s house in Red Hook, NY. Their backyard proved a lush and lovely place to get some photos before heading down the street to St. Christopher’s Church for the ceremony. It was a beautiful ceremony; complete with a song both sung and instruments played by Kelly’s dad and brothers. After the “I do’s” were complete, we journeyed to Linwood Spiritual Center in Rhinebeck, NY to take some formal photos. It’s a picturesque location with lots of old growth trees and a vast view of the Hudson River. Kelly and Eli were happy and willing to trek around the property with me to capture some great photos of the two of them. Their reception was at Dutchess Manor, with more great views of the Hudson. As a nod to their love of adventure, the reception was adorned with personal photos and mementos of their travels together. I wish them the best of luck in their newest adventure – marriage!

Dutchess Manor Wedding_0001Dutchess Manor Wedding_0002Dutchess Manor Wedding_0003Dutchess Manor Wedding_0004Dutchess Manor Wedding_0005Dutchess Manor Wedding_0006Dutchess Manor Wedding_0007Dutchess Manor Wedding_0008Dutchess Manor Wedding_0009Dutchess Manor Wedding_0010Dutchess Manor Wedding_0011Dutchess Manor Wedding_0012Dutchess Manor Wedding_0013Dutchess Manor Wedding_0014Dutchess Manor Wedding_0015Dutchess Manor Wedding_0016Dutchess Manor Wedding_0017Dutchess Manor Wedding_0018Dutchess Manor Wedding_0019Dutchess Manor Wedding_0020Dutchess Manor Wedding_0021Dutchess Manor Wedding_0022Dutchess Manor Wedding_0023Dutchess Manor Wedding_0024Dutchess Manor Wedding_0025Dutchess Manor Wedding_0026Dutchess Manor Wedding_0027Dutchess Manor Wedding_0028Dutchess Manor Wedding_0029Dutchess Manor Wedding_0030Dutchess Manor Wedding_0031Dutchess Manor Wedding_0032Dutchess Manor Wedding_0033Dutchess Manor Wedding_0034Dutchess Manor Wedding_0035Dutchess Manor Wedding_0036Dutchess Manor Wedding_0037Dutchess Manor Wedding_0038Dutchess Manor Wedding_0039Dutchess Manor Wedding_0040Dutchess Manor Wedding_0041Dutchess Manor Wedding_0042Dutchess Manor Wedding_0043Dutchess Manor Wedding_0044Dutchess Manor Wedding_0045Dutchess Manor Wedding_0046Dutchess Manor Wedding_0047Dutchess Manor Wedding_0048Dutchess Manor Wedding_0049Dutchess Manor Wedding_0050Dutchess Manor Wedding_0051Dutchess Manor Wedding_0052Dutchess Manor Wedding_0053Dutchess Manor Wedding_0054Dutchess Manor Wedding_0055Dutchess Manor Wedding_0056Dutchess Manor Wedding_0057Dutchess Manor Wedding_0058Dutchess Manor Wedding_0059Dutchess Manor Wedding_0060Dutchess Manor Wedding_0061Dutchess Manor Wedding_0062

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