Lillian was very personable, fun, and overall great to work with (which is especially good because this shoot was on my birthday)! I had off from work and no idea what I wanted to do for my birthday, but I love to photograph so I figured I would schedule a shoot.  I purchased a bunch of new paper backdrop colors and I was very pleased with the way both the pink and crimson came out in the photos. I wanted to do more pin-up photos on the pink (I think it suits it well) and more vintage feeling photos on the crimson. The final black and white portrait was actually done with no flash (just modeling lights), with a wide aperture, and it was taken on the crimson backdrop as well. I think that the b&w (slightly tinted) looks much better than the color version (which you will not be seeing). In other news. Spring is quickly approaching and I am really excited to start photographing outside!!!


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