Lisa and Phil’s Wedding: July 31, 2010

Lisa and Phil got married at the Rhinecliff Hotel on an absolutely beautiful summer day. A couple of weeks before their wedding it was announced that Chelsea Clinton was getting married at Astor Courts in Rhinebeck on the same day. Astor Courts is less than 1.5 miles away from The Rhinecliff and no one really knew if and when there would be road closures and other traffic delays. One only had to turn on the television to see every major news/entertainment network broadcasting from the village of Rhinebeck. Rhinebeck itself was pretty much a zoo. I left for the wedding three hours early and took an alternate route to avoid being late. Actually, one of my worst nightmares is to show up late for a wedding. I was committed to ensuring that if they had to delay the start of the wedding (because guests could not make it there) I would not be the cause! Thankfully, no one seemed to have too bad of a problem getting there (I got there 2.5 hours early and had a wonderful lunch at the hotel… I highly recommend it!).

Their ceremony was quite lovely and overlooked the Hudson River. They each wrote very touching vows, and their love for each other was obvious throughout the day. I always feel honored to be part of my client’s wedding day and this was certainly no exception. Oh and definitely check out the picture of their cake… it was amazing!

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