Mohonk Preserve Wedding

Joshua and Danielle wanted their wedding to be intimate and nature based. I love that idea so much. They decided to get married on the Mohonk Preserve at a beautiful overlook of the Hudson Valley and the Catskill Mountains. This area is special to Josh as it’s just a short hike from the cottage at which he and his family have stayed (and continue to stay) for many years. Joshua and Danielle wanted their immediate family to hike with them to their chosen ceremony spot to celebrate with them. Dressed in their wedding attire and with their hiking shoes laced up, everyone set out on the hike to the ceremony spot. It was such a peaceful and thoroughly enjoyable ceremony. I distinctly remember the sounds of song birds, the sound of the wind passing through the trees (and an oddly seemingly out of place rooster crowing from far away). It was perfect!

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