Mohonk Winter Wedding

I love photographing weddings at Mohonk Mountain House! It is one of the most unique and beautiful locations in the Hudson Valley. Billie and Jesse’s wedding was planned as a small and intimate affair with about 25 of their closest friends and family. Photographing both small and large weddings is great, as they each have their own unique characteristics and charm. On the day of their wedding I arrived bright and early and started walking around Mohonk’s beautiful grounds snapping pictures. I met with Billie in one of Mohonk’s AMAZING tower suites for some preparation photos before heading down to see Jesse. There was no ‘first look’ so they saw each other for the first time as Billie’s father walked her down the aisle. After a heartfelt ceremony officiated by Billie’s brother we took some time to walk around Mohonk’s picturesque (and cold!) grounds. I was so happy that Billie and Jesse were brave enough to head outside for a bit. I think it was well worth it!

Mohonk’s wedding planning staff (both Aimee and Christina are awesome) and everyone at Mohonk do a wonderful job to ensure a great wedding. It was an amazing day!

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