More Bodypainting…

Yet another successful body painting shoot with Gen Keller! This painting took a little less time than the last one (I think it was completed in about 5.5 hours). The shoot overall went well. I really wanted to incorporate an organic item (like a flower or something) into this shoot and I completely forgot to get one!  I’m normally not too forgetful with regard to shoots so it was quite surprising that I forgot. I guess I could have used one of the many cheeseburgers that were on the set but I don’t think it would have had the same feel. Luckily, Gen had brought a gold fern that she purchased at a craft store. Melody was the model she didn’t complain a bit (which, due to the fact that she was getting painted for over 5 hours and then had to get photographed for about 2.5 hours is saying something!). Oh, and also, I try to keep the posts to only 3 images but sometimes it’s really hard to narrow them down. Sometimes I will post some to online forums that other photographers read but many times their ideas are all over the place and do not help. So friends, let me know which your favorites are!

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