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Normally I don’t blog about new photographic equipment. I purchase so much of it and although certain things might be really expensive and add more possibilities to my photographic repertoire I normally don’t like to write about it here (although I typically bore my girlfriend to death with all of the nitty gritty details of it!). The most recent big ticket item I purchased though may be game changing in what I am able to offer clients so I figured I’d include something about it.

My regular blog readers know that I really love studio lighting. One of my greatest joys in photography is constructing lighting setups where I have complete control over the quality of the light as well as the shape, angle, and power of it. In the past I have been limited to using either my studio lights in the studio or my small Canon flashes out on location. I recently purchased the new Profoto Batpac which provides battery power to my studio strobes. This opens a lot more possibilities in terms of location lighting. My studio strobes are insanely more powerful than my Canon flashes (which means I am easily able to overpower the sun with my strobes) and I also have many more possibilities in terms of modifying the light (making it softer for example). I am tremendously excited that I added this item to my gear and look forward to using it in the future!

Here are some of the first pictures I took using the Profoto Batpac.

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  • PegYou do not bore me to death with those details! I love it when you get excited over new equipment. These photos are fab and Zoe looks beautiful as usual!


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