Rhinecliff Hotel Wedding: Julia and Geoff

Julia and Geoff’s Rhinecliff Hotel wedding was on an absolutely beautiful October day. The weather was gorgeous. One of the really great things about weddings at the Rhinecliff Hotel is that it provides enough space for both the bride and the groom to get ready on premises. I think that this makes for a really fun day! Julia and Geoff decided to do a first look before their ceremony. It was really lovely to witness (and photograph). I had a great time!

The Rhinecliff Hotel is a beautiful Hudson Valley Venue for weddings. It is situated right along the Hudson River in the charming little town of Rhinecliff (something tells me that’s how the hotel got its name!). Amtrak trains stop a few steps away from the hotel and there are tons of great things to do around the town which makes it both super convenient and super fun. It’s definitely worth checking out if you are planning a Hudson Valley Wedding!

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