Roundhouse Beacon Wedding

I returned to the Roundhouse in scenic Beacon, NY to document Katie and Josh’s wedding after photographing their engagement session there only a few months prior. In between the two dates, spring had literally sprung and we were met with green trees and a warm beautiful day for their nuptials. They both readied themselves on-site at the industrial-chic Inn at the Roundhouse. If you’ve never been there, the Roundhouse is a former textile mill and factory converted into a beautiful complex of luxury accommodations, dining and event space. The exposed brick, beams and other details make this a very interesting and unique place for photos. Katie and Josh chose to have a first look. After capturing some sweet photos of their reactions to each other all dressed up, we took family and bridal party photos. The ceremony took place outdoors, just up the hill from Beacon Falls, a signature feature of this location. The reception was chock full of dancing, tributes and celebrating. Wishing all the best to Katie & Josh!

Katie and Josh had Sarah from NY Engagements as their wedding planner and coordinator. She did a fantastic job ensuring everything went smoothly and on-time. I definitely recommend her for couples looking for a little extra help with their wedding planning!

Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0001Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0002Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0003Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0004Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0005Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0006Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0007Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0008Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0009Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0010Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0011Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0012Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0013Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0014Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0015Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0016Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0017Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0018Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0019Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0020Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0021Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0022Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0023Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0024Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0025Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0026Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0027Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0028Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0029Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0030Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0031Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0032Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0033Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0034Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0035Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0036Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0037Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0038Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0039Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0040Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0041Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0042Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0043Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0044Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0045Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0046Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0047Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0048Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0049Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0050Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0051Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0052Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0053Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0054Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0055Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0056Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0057Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0058Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0059Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0060Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0061Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0062Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0063Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0064Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0065Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0066Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0067Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0068Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0069Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0070Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0071Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0072Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0073Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0074Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0075Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0076Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0077

Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0078

Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0079Roundhouse Beacon Wedding_0080

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