Route 66 Farmhouse Wedding: Red Rooster Barn Hudson NY

I am always happy to photograph weddings in the beautiful Hudson Valley that I call home. This wedding was no exception. When Marzena and Bogdan told me that their special day included the Farmhouse on Route 66 in Hudson, I was ecstatic! I’ve been to this location before and love all the rustic beauty of the structures and the property itself. There are so many great places to take pictures! The Farmhouse at Route 66 has two separate sides so that the bride and groom can get ready in the same house without seeing one another. This came in handy leading up to the first look that took place just outside on the sprawling lawn. The ceremony took place nearby at Nativity Chapel in Germantown. The weather on this day was sketchy at best, so we quickly headed back to Route 66 for family photos (not before hopping in an awesome pickup truck and stopping to take a few quick photos with some horses!) Although a little drizzly, we got some great shots outside. The Red Rooster Barn, where the reception festivities were held, is a beautiful wooden barn with a spacious covered porch. The good people behind this venue certainly put their best foot forward – from the great wait staff and bartenders to the charming dishes on the tables everything was perfect! The DJ cranked an awesome selection of tunes, including some Polish music that kept everyone on the dance floor all night. Marzena and Bogdan also opted to have a photobooth at their wedding, which is always a ton of fun. The rain that eventually arrived did not dampen anyone’s spirits. The party went on all night and even concluded with sparklers!

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