When I was working with Zoe she mentioned that her boyfriend Victor was becoming interested in photography and wondered if I ever needed an assistant to help out during shoots in the studio or at weddings. I had a shoot the next day with Sephora and told Zoe that she should tell Victor to stop by if he was free. I was happy to hear that Victor was free and would be helping out. I really love talking to people about photo techniques and teaching them what I can about photography. I hoped he learned something and had a good time!

I had a great time working with Sephora and Victor. I wanted to do a couple of shots in the studio and a couple around the building where my studio is located. I’ve shot in the freight elevator once before and loved the results. I thought the dress that Sephora brought would work great there. Then we stumbled upon a studio that was in the middle of being renovated. The dirty, in-progress work space along with the radiator and huge windows really set the mood for the photo and it was my favorite from the shoot.

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