Travis and Nan’s Wedding: December 29, 2010

I was really looking forward to Travis and Nan’s wedding. It was my last wedding of the year, they were really great people, and it was a beautiful winter day with freshly fallen snow! They live in Minnesota and Travis actually photographs weddings as well. I love it when other photographers choose me to photograph their special day because it is a clear indication that they appreciate my style, creativity, and technical know-how. I was a little nervous a week leading up to the wedding because we were in the middle of a cold snap. Luckily, by the 29th, the weather was back above freezing. We decided to do the posed family pictures outside on the church steps. It was a little brisk but everyone was having a great time. After the family pics, I took the wedding party to the start of the Hurley Rail Trail. Nan is a forestry student in Minnesota and I’m pretty sure she is comfortable in the cold :). I scoped out this location the day before and it was absolutely gorgeous. I took my new snowshoes there and flattened an area that I thought would be great to take the pictures. Preparing before a wedding is very important to me. Even seemingly small details (like how and where the wedding party will stand in freshly fallen snow while I am taking their pictures) can make all the difference. I was able to quickly make the light perfect with my Pocketwizard Mini TT1 and Flex TT5’s along with my Canon 580 flashes. This was also the first wedding that I used the Pocketwizard AC3 Zone Controller which enabled me to have faster control of the flashes in manual mode (sorry for the overly geeky photo talk!). The pictures came out beautifully.

The preparation, ceremony and reception were all held at the Hurley Reformed Church in Hurley, NY. This was the second wedding that I photographed there and it is a very lovely church. This was a great wedding filled with much emotion, an immensely special kiss during the ceremony, and great times! Travis and Nan’s family and friends really know how to have a good time! Enjoy the pics!

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