Velle Satera

Yet another amazing shoot in the studio! Here is a list of awesome things about this shoot:

1) I got to use my new purple backdrop (which is sooo sweet)

2) The model brought some really cool wardrobe choices

3) I got to shoot against brick (which, eventually, I’m going to have to get over but not yet because I love it too much)

4) The model was super nice and fun to work with.

In other news, I have been saying the word “totes” a lot. This is an abbreviation of “totally” and should be used when you are in agreement with a statement someone says. Example: “Oh man, did you see that completely killer yo-yo maneuver that Peter just pulled off? It blew my mind away! I will be dreaming about it for years to come!” Reply: “Totes”. Use it!!!

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  • Tina HeartThrobAMAZING =D I love this shoot the most
    Amazing pics u took


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