Windham Mountain Wedding Photographer

Not many people can say that taking a ride in a ski chairlift is part of their workday. It happened to be a part of mine for Veronica and Erik’s Windham Mountain wedding. Although a little nerve-wracking, (all my camera equipment so high in the air!) it was a great opportunity to get some fun photos with a breathtaking view in the background.

I was fortunate enough to photograph Erik’s sister’s wedding many years ago and was so happy to be a (small) part of another one of their family’s celebrations.

Windham Mountain Wedding_0001Windham Mountain Wedding_0002Windham Mountain Wedding_0003Windham Mountain Wedding_0004Windham Mountain Wedding_0005Windham Mountain Wedding_0006Windham Mountain Wedding_0007Windham Mountain Wedding_0008Windham Mountain Wedding_0009Windham Mountain Wedding_0010Windham Mountain Wedding_0011Windham Mountain Wedding_0012Windham Mountain Wedding_0013Windham Mountain Wedding_0014Windham Mountain Wedding_0015Windham Mountain Wedding_0016Windham Mountain Wedding_0017Windham Mountain Wedding_0018Windham Mountain Wedding_0019Windham Mountain Wedding_0020Windham Mountain Wedding_0021Windham Mountain Wedding_0022Windham Mountain Wedding_0023Windham Mountain Wedding_0024Windham Mountain Wedding_0025Windham Mountain Wedding_0026Windham Mountain Wedding_0027Windham Mountain Wedding_0028Windham Mountain Wedding_0029Windham Mountain Wedding_0030Windham Mountain Wedding_0031Windham Mountain Wedding_0032Windham Mountain Wedding_0033Windham Mountain Wedding_0034Windham Mountain Wedding_0035Windham Mountain Wedding_0036Windham Mountain Wedding_0037Windham Mountain Wedding_0038Windham Mountain Wedding_0039Windham Mountain Wedding_0040Windham Mountain Wedding_0041Windham Mountain Wedding_0042Windham Mountain Wedding_0043Windham Mountain Wedding_0044Windham Mountain Wedding_0045Windham Mountain Wedding_0046Windham Mountain Wedding_0047Windham Mountain Wedding_0048Windham Mountain Wedding_0049Windham Mountain Wedding_0050Windham Mountain Wedding_0051Windham Mountain Wedding_0052Windham Mountain Wedding_0053Windham Mountain Wedding_0054Windham Mountain Wedding_0055Windham Mountain Wedding_0056Windham Mountain Wedding_0057Windham Mountain Wedding_0058Windham Mountain Wedding_0059Windham Mountain Wedding_0060Windham Mountain Wedding_0061

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