I’m a Hudson Valley photographer who has been photographing weddings for about 14 years. I studied photography (and anthropology) at SUNY New Paltz and graduated in 2002.


What I love about wedding and portrait photography is that I am able to create portraits that hold immense personal meaning which will last longer than we will.


I like to photograph weddings with a documentary/photojournalistic mindset. That means that I think there is power in documenting events as they unfold and capturing the most authentic version of my clients. However, I do throughout the day make suggestions based on lighting, poses, and circumstances that will produce the best photographs (this is something that photojournalists don’t do). At weddings I want to create a beautiful visual record of the day. I place a lot of importance on creating beautiful family portraits at weddings because I want them to become a family keepsake that will act as a visual family history for you and future generations. I also shoot tons of candids capturing real emotions. My main goal at weddings is to do all of this, while remaining unobtrusive to let you and your guests enjoy the celebration.

Random facts about me:

I live in Kingston, New York which I love dearly. Peg (see below) and I own a little eyebrow colonial house in Uptown. It’s super charming.


I’m married to Peg Bauer, who is the most organized person I know. We got married in 2014. I’ll remember that day (amongst many other reasons) because I got to be on the other side of the camera. It was a great learning experience.


I like music a lot. I have a killer stereo and a laser in my living room. You should come over. Perhaps I will even bust out the fog machine.


I own way too many tripods. And rarely use them.


I love to travel and do so regularly.


At 9PM my pants come off. This won’t happen at your wedding.


My last three cars have been Toyota Corollas. They are reliable. Like me.


I almost won a car by yo-yoing. Wasn't really that interested as it wasn't a Corolla.


I've been 'crossfitting' for about 5 years. But I talk about other things too and don't (can't) lift obnoxiously heavy weights. I love the community aspect of it and think that's kept me interested in it for so long. It's also got me interested in nutrition and a healthy living mentality. Oh and I don't go to the gym the day before a wedding because I have no time to be sore at a wedding :)


I love the outdoors and pretty much everything the Hudson Valley has to offer. You may notice in most of my photos I incorporate some of the natural elements of the Hudson Valley that I love. I like to think of it as ‘Nature Based Portraiture”.


I’m kinda silly.



Peg is my super talented wife and sidekick. We've worked together for close to 20 years and she's the one I want to continue working with forever. On wedding days she acts as as assistant and sometimes a second shooter (and on non-wedding days I act as her assistant). She is the most organized person you will ever meet and she's kind of like MacGyver. Speaking of organization, Peg's 9-5 job is organizing a privately held archive of over 7 million textile designs.


Tony mostly stays behind the scenes but is an essential part of my workflow. He is responsible for culling and sorting most all of my wedding work. If you're blinking, falling into a stream, or if I accidentally take a photo of my foot (which oddly happens relatively often) it's likely that Tony will weed those photos out of your gallery (just kidding, if you fall in a stream, that's definitely going in your gallery). Tony also sometimes assists on weddings when Peg isn't available. Tony received his BFA in photography from SUNY New Paltz and is an amazing person to know.


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