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Firstly, I want your wedding to be a joyous occasion that you remember spending celebrating with friends and family. I often tell my clients that while I’m really fun to be around I honestly don’t want my clients remembering spending their entire wedding day with me. Your wedding shouldn’t be about me or even the photographs I take. It should be about being present in the moment and celebrating the love that you have for each other with those who are dearest to you. Obviously photographs of your wedding day are hugely important. They create a visual family history that will indefinitely be passed down through generations. I will be there to capture all of those emotionally filled candid moments as they unfold. I also place great emphasis on creating beautiful family photographs that will act as family keepsakes, whether they be hanging on your wall, in an album or your profile picture on social media. I’m very experienced at working through these family photos quickly and efficiently, as I really do want you to enjoy the day with those who matter the most to you.


I like to photograph weddings with a documentary/photojournalistic mindset. That means that I think there is power in documenting events as they unfold and capturing the most authentic version of my clients. However, I do throughout the day make suggestions based on lighting, poses, and circumstances that will produce the best photographs (this is something that photojournalists don’t do).


I strongly encourage you to read my past reviews to see what my past clients have said about working with me. I believe their words are in some ways more powerful than what I can say.

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